The Magic Crane (1993) คัมภีร์กระเรียน เซียนเหยียบฟ้า

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IMDB 6.3
Director: -
Actors: -
Genres: หนังแอคชั่น , หนังเอเชีย , เทพนิยาย


On his way to a congress of kung fu masters, an initiate falls from a high cliff, only to be rescued by lovely Tien Lam (Anita Mui), who rides a huge (and sorry-looking) crane. The rest of the movie features a battle between warring martial arts factions, an equally fierce rivalry between the two daughters of the Crane Master, the accidental empowerment of an unprincipled master after having eaten half of a secret scroll, a battle with an immense tortoise whose spleeny vapors save a group of poisoned swordsmen, lots of great aerial fights against nearly invincible villains, and the usual blood spurting from assorted mouths.